What to Know About Mesotherapy

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Mesotherapy for the face is a non-invasive treatment that uses super thin needles to introduce a blend of enzymes, vitamins, plant extracts, and hormones into the middle layer of the skin to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin impurities, making it blemish-free and glabrous. The essence of this cosmetic treatment revolves around correcting various underlying skin issues like inflammation and poor circulation that damage the skin.

Mesotherapy had a different purpose when it first came into existence in France, 1952. Initially, it was used to relieve pain and manage vascular disorders. Nowadays, it has become a household name in the world of beauty and cosmetics.

The magic happens specifically in the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin), hence the name “mesotherapy.”

Benefits of Mesotherapy

As the formula seeps its way into your mesoderm, it regulates the slow-moving blood circulation and helps the body flush out age-inducing toxins. In effect, your superficial wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne will improve, giving you a rejuvenated young-looking skin. Moreover, the vitamin cocktails of mesotherapy for the face promotes collagen production by stimulating the skin’s fibroblast cell.

Every vial used for mesotherapy is packed with  over 50 types of vitamins and minerals that will help you fulfill that glowing look— antioxidants, Hyaluronic acid, peptides, and trace elements.

Mesotherapy for hair

Mesotherapy is not limited to treating skin blemishes. It is also used to treat unwanted hair loss, especially alopecia, by injecting vitamins, plant extracts, finasteride, and minoxidil. When combined, these ingredients supply nutrients to the hair, improve the blood circulation, and realign hormone imbalances in and around the hair follicle. Mesotherapy for hair loss also moisturizes the scalp, strengthens follicles, and stimulates blood circulation.

Mesotherapy for the face

Mesotherapy is not a one-size-fits-all type of medicine since there are skin types that differ from one another. Hence, the formula that is used in every session and every patient can be custom-made to safely and effectively maximize the benefits of mesotherapy for the face.

Regardless of what your custom-made formula contains, it is still brimming with vitamins and nutrients for an extraordinary refresh and to restore the glow that your skin has lost. Mesotherapy is also a great alternative for expensive facial surgeries and it will not require you to go under the knife to get that beautiful, radiant look. Since it is a non-invasive treatment, downtime is not necessary. You can do it on your lunch break and go about your day right after. Mesotherapy is also a reliable quick-fix go-to for an upcoming event.

The effectiveness of mesotherapy depends on the blend of ingredients used and the skills of the doctor. If you are seeking mesotherapy in Abu Dhabi, Adam and Eve Cosmetic Centre’s highly-skilled doctors will not only give you exceptional results, but can also maximize the duration of the treatment’s rewarding effects.

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