This is a condition of facial redness that is sometimes also accompanied by pimples, larger facial blood vessels, and eye irritation. Management depends on the form of rosacea: with pimples being treated with gels, creams and/or pills while redness is treated with the intense pulsed light and laser device.

Our work with rosacea

  • New methods of evaluating severity
  • Worldwide prevalence of rosacea
  • New treatments continue to be evaluated in research trials for rosacea


  • Warts are skin growths caused by a viral infection in the outer layer of skin. They are very common; particularly in children (almost 20% of school-age children have them).
  • In children, warts tend to disappear over a period of several months to years, but sometimes they can be very stubborn and resistant to many types of treatment. In many adults, warts often prove even more difficult to destroy.

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