Hydrafacial MD is multistep treatment that combines the benefits of next-level hydra dermabrasion, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions and a special delivery of Antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides

It removes dead skins cells and impurities simultaneously bathing bathing the new skin with cleansing hydrating serums

The treatment is soothing, refreshing, on-irritating and immediately effective.

The leading aesthetic practitioners agree the HydraFacial, award-winning technology, advances non-ablative non-laser skin rejuvenation like no other. In published clinical studies by leading US doctors HydraFacial was shown to yield better results than IPL and other common skin treatments for facial rejuvenation and improving the tone and texture of the skin.

Proven efficacies achieved through Hydrafcial patented 4-in-1 Vortex Technology system. HydraFacial is an easy and effective treatment to solve multitude of problems. It is a system that pampers your skin.

HydraFacial Candidates

As a new breakthrough in aesthetic technology, HydraFacial draw its name from the word Hydrate, which means to moisturize something. Due to hydration function, it is different from all other skin resurfacing procedures.

  • HydraFacial is an intelligent device
  • It benefit all kinds of skin types
  • It bathes the newly appeared skin
  • It removes the dead skin cells and impurities
  • It has hydration function that distinguishes it from others
  • Skin stays harmless after having operated with HydraFacial
  • Cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums are used to bath the skin

HydraFacial Benefits

HydraFacial is a major breakthrough in aesthetic technology that offers remarkable results without surgery. This cutting-edge technology has got plenty of benefits for all skin tone. Following are some of the important benefits of this technology:

  • It offers radiant and smooth skin tone
  • It carefully improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • It reduces hyperpigmentation and brown spots
  • It improves the appearance of oily and acne-prone skin
  • It also tightens large pores

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HydraFacial Results

The people who have undergone just one HydraFacial treatment report that they have observed a lot of positive changes in their skin, for example, even skin tone, radiant skin tone, and skin refinement. The hydration and smooth results offered by HydraFacial, generally, last for five to seven days, or even longer.

  • Skin Refinement
  • Smooth Skin
  • Event Skin Tone
  • Radiant Skin Tone
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