Woman belong to the majority of users who wish to have smooth skin without ugly body hairs but a growing number of men are also becoming conscious of unnecessary hairiness. The good news is that treatment is the same for both males and females providing expected results. Our laser hair removal technology has allowed almost anyone to be a perfect candidate for the procedure regardless of skin or hair colour. Facial hair removal is a perfect way to get rid of unwanted fuzz on your face without making your skin super sensitive. Ideal candidates are those with darker hair colour and lighter skin tones. Patients are treated by either Diode laser or GentleMAX (alexandrite and ND Yag) technology hence giving us capability of accommodating a larger demographic of skin and hair types.

If your skin appears darker compared to the other areas, it means that your skin cells are producing excess amount of melanin which results in darker skin. And decreased production of melanin makes the skin lighter.

Pigmentation can be treated on any part of the skin using skin lightening agents or creams and laser techniques. Topical creams and lotions have ingredients which inhibits the enzymes that produce melanin and increases the turnover of the skin to remove the existing pigmentation.

You can prevent the occurrence of the pigmentation by applying an SPF 50+ sunscreen daily, even if it is cloudy, or overcast. There are two types of sunscreens, physical and chemical sunscreens. Physical sunscreens are not absorbed by the skin and provide longer lasting protection. Chemical sunscreens are absorbed by the skin and require application of every 2 hours.

Technologies Provided

Our GentleMax laser technology (nicknamed Candela) makes use of two lasers in one and is the culmination of hair removal technology at its best. Candela’s GentleYag (ND Yag) combined with Alexandrite’s GentleLase can treat everything from unwanted hair to facial veins. This combination allows doctors to treat a wide variety of skin types and hair colors with minimum discomfort. The revolutionary technology for Gentle Max is uniquely equipped with a cooling system to prevent burning of skin and redness. You can fill in our free consultation form and ask a specialist who will tell you it is an excellent choice for permanent hair removal.

Apart from that we also make use of Diode laser technology. You will get to know which one is most suitable for you once you book in a free consultation or visit our clinic. 

Pre-op Preparation

Since laser hair removal cannot be just done by anyone, we will make sure that you meet the specialist who will be working on your body so you can rest assured about the credentials and training of our doctors. Apart from that safety measure there are some steps you ought to follow before your laser hair removal session.

  • Shave the localized area 24 hours before procedure. This is to ensure that the machine used on your skin can do its work without being hindered and the laser pulses will directly reach the hair cells in the roots.
  • Save yourself from excessive sun exposure and tanning for about six weeks before treatment. This is because laser hair removal  is a photo sensitive procedure that has everything to do with skin color and radiation levels so you don’t want any complications!

Do not pluck, wax or remove hair from the roots before the treatment with 4-6 weeks in ANY way since the whole point of laser hair removal is to target and break down the hair follicles in the roots. 

Oral medications are also a treatment option for pigmentation but are suitable for certain kinds of discoloration only.

Hair Removal Procedure

For permanent laser hair removal, the steps taken are simple and few so it’s easy for you to know all about the procedure.

  • Using clean cotton swabs, the area needing treatment is cleaned of germs and topical anesthetic is applied. Since the procedure is almost painless patients are not in need of general or local anesthesia since the discomfort level is bearable by healthy patients.
  • Through a handheld device that the doctor guides over your skin, the laser is beamed through the skin in pulses of less than a second. In that duration concentrated rays of light energy of certain wavelength penetrate the skin.
  • During laser hair removal, the photons of light are absorbed by the pigment called melanin in the hair follicles causing the hair root in the follicle to expire immediately and preventing hair from growing out of that root again.

Hair Removal Results

People can feel better about their body and wouldn’t have to worry about stubborn body hair anymore. Since the results of laser hair removal vary from person to person depending on factors of hair color, skin type, skin thickness, hair density and type of laser. Patients may even require skin maintenance procedures afterward.

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Treatment Benefits

Laser hair removal at home is also an option that many consider but remember it’s not the laser as much as it is the technician that determines how successfully your treatment is. When you have experts and experienced doctors at your disposal for laser hair removal why take the risk and invest that much money in the devices when you do not have the experience of using them. Listed below are a few.

  • Precision: Superb technology enables the technician to target dark rough hairs on the body without harming the skin.
  • Safety: It’s well known to be a virtually pain free and medically safe procedure.
  • Swiftness: Using swift pulses of light, the laser can treat an area the size of a coin in less than second. Areas on the face are treated in a matter of minutes while the largest areas such as the back or legs may take up to an hour.
  • Convenience: Results are permanent in patients who appear for multiple sessions.
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