Teeth Yellowing: The Causes, The Prevention And The Best Treatment Options

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Teeth are very important, yet most of us take them for granted. Teeth performs the essential task of chewing food without which the entire digestion process is affected badly. Even health may emerge as a concern because the body cannot absorb nutrients from improperly digested food. Apart from chewing, teeth are also a component of good personality and smile characteristics. Therefore, none want to lose them and all like to keep them in good shape. ‘Yellowish teeth’ is a condition that bothers people because it dents their personality while earning for them the nasty remarks among friends and peers. But thanks to modern dentistry where teeth yellowing can be treated effectively and one can gain white teeth again. Teeth whitening treatment Abu Dhabi clinic Adam & Eve Cosmetic Medical Center employs the latest techniques and ensures a best result in the least of time.

Teeth whitening services is emerging on demanded!

Dental clinic in Abu Dhabi and other leading cities of the world has found demand for teeth whitening services that are available under the specialization of cosmetic dentistry. It involves a series of external treatments that restore the original white colour of the teeth. The objective of such treatments is to clean the enamel that often gets discoloured due to various factors ranging from the environment to the food habits of the person. Leading teeth whitening treatment Abu Dhabi clinics offers a complete counselling to its patients so that they can avoid yellowing of teeth again. A general knowledge about the causes of teeth yellowing helps, most of the people to maintain their teeth white and bright.

Find out the prime causes of teeth yellowing as listed by the cosmetic dentistry experts:

  • Food and drinks

Certain foods like apple and potatoes are found to develop mild discolouration of the teeth enamel. This generally happens due to the mild organic acids present in the foods. Dentists recommend people to at least clean their mouth properly with water so that the action of organic acids is reduced.

  • Tobacco use

tobacco use

Tobacco has been listed as one of the main culprit and most people with the habit of either chewing tobacco or smoking develop yellow teeth over time. The nicotine present in the tobacco products affects the natural white colour of the teeth enamel. Teeth whitening treatment Abu Dhabi clinic Adam & Eve Cosmetic Medical Center advises their patients to avoid smoking and chewing tobacco for the best results.

  • Poor dental hygiene

Poor dental hygiene is also responsible for teeth yellowing because plaque keeps on building that causes germ development. These germs discolour the enamel gradually.

  • Diseases, infections and medications

Certain diseases and antibiotic medications as well also radiation therapy of head/neck or chemotherapy affects the enamel badly and teeth get discoloured.

  • Heredity

Genesis is also one of the prime causes of teeth yellowing. Often, it is found that yellow teeth continue from one generation to other. Leading dental clinic in Abu Dhabi offers to whiten teeth through authentic techniques.

  • Excess fluoride

While fluoride is good for teeth health, an excess of it in the form of toothpaste, mouth rinse or pills can actually discolour the teeth and make them yellow.

  • Age

Age is also a factor of teeth yellowing. Many people get their teeth discoloured with increasing age.

  • Dental Fillings

Certain dental amalgams like those containing silver sulphide causes a greying tone of the enamel.

  • Trauma

Trauma has been found linked with teeth discolouration in children as the formation of enamel is affected.

Ways to prevent teeth yellowing –

ways to prevent teeth yellowing

Experts at the dental clinic in Abu Dhabi offer objective guidance and counselling to prevent teeth yellowing. They advise the seekers to modify their lifestyle, especially their food habits. In most cases, certain foods are found as the main cause of teeth yellowing and hence avoiding excess tea, coffee, colas and alcohols are recommended. Similarly, the foods that contain organic acids are responsible for the discolouration of teeth and it should be avoided. Smoking and other tobacco products needs to be completely abandoned!

Proper brushing, flossing and maintaining appropriate oral hygiene is equally important. While those experiencing mild yellowing can opt for good quality mouthwash products to keep their teeth white.

Different methods of teeth whitening:

methods of teeth whitening

The top dental clinic in Abu Dhabi  Adam & Eve Cosmetic Medical Center, makes use of time-tested techniques coupled with the latest technology to ensure the best teeth whitening results for its patients. Here are the best procedures relied upon :

  • Professional bleaching at the dental clinic – performed in a single visit itself and delivers bright white teeth! It is considered as the best option.
  • Teeth whitening toothpastes – dentists generally recommend whitening toothpaste as a supplementary treatment.
  • Customized trays for bleaching while at home – these are meant to optimize the bleaching treatment done at the dentist’s clinic.
  • Over the counter bleaching agents – there are many such products, but these need to be taken only at the prescription of a registered practitioner.
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