Best Slimming Therapy Offers

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Best Slimming Therapy Offers

Eid is just around the corner and Adam and Eve Cosmetic Centre has announced yet another set of exciting offers. If you want to shed those extra fats and get your body in good shape, now is the perfect time to book your slimming therapy with us. We are offering 60% off on CoolTech, PowerShape, Mesolipo, and Deep Heat. Get to know more about the best slimming treatments in Abu Dhabi.

  • CoolTech

You have heard hundreds of clichés like “burn fats,” but CoolTech is an unorthodox slimming treatment that does the opposite and still gives the same result. In a doctor’s lexicon, this treatment is known as cryolipolysis— the process where fat cells are frozen until they crystallize and are eliminated from the body as waste. Research shows that one CoolTech treatment can reduce 25-30% of body fat. CoolTech is beneficial for stubborn body fats that are not responding to diet or exercise.

  • PowerShape

Combining radiofrequency, vacuum suction, and low-level laser in one device, PowerShape is a non-invasive slimming powerhouse in its own right. It boosts collagen production and cellular metabolism by applying deep thermal heating to the connective tissues, resulting in improved skin laxity and volume. Moreover, stimulating the body’s collagen production will smoothen and tighten the treated area and minimize cellulites.

  • Mesolipo

The classic recipe for melting excess fats is exercise, which is a daily routine that can be difficult to maintain. On the other hand, Mesolipo can melt excess fats and contour the body as well, but it won’t require you to break a sweat or even commit to a daily routine. This treatment dissolves fat deposits by injecting natural soybean lecithin and other enzymes directly to the targeted body parts. Its minimally invasive fat melting procedure puts years on liposuction and droves of people are getting reeled in by the fact that Mesolipo is anesthesia- and downtime-free.

  • Deep Heat

Deep Heat therapy uses customized heat temperatures that penetrate the body’s deep tissues and melts targeted cell fats. The machine consists of five pads to treat five areas at the same time such as the abdomen, thighs, and arms. Not only can this therapy eliminate water retention, it can also reduce the appearance of cellulites.

Adam and Eve Cosmetic Centre provides not just the best slimming treatments in Abu Dhabi bust also the best Ramadan and Eid offers. You do not have to spend a lot to get back in shape. Get a free doctor consultation and book your appointment now!

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