Sculpt Your Body With Non-invasive Fat Freezing Treatments

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Fat freezing is a word often heard when paparazzi’s goes around some celebrities like Molly Sims, Kris Jenner and Chloe Kardashian who claims for their body shape. When potential risks are involved with invasive treatments like liposuction, what makes Cryolipolysis (Cool sculpting) a revolutionary one is that it’s a non-invasive body-contouring treatment where smaller areas that are difficult to alter through diet and exercise could be covered effectively. AECMC the most trusted Cosmetic Medical Center in Abu Dhabi offers our customers’ fat freezing treatment in UAE which  give effective results.

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How does Cool Sculpting Work?

As the name suggests, fat freezing treatment make cells inactive by freezing the fat cells beneath the skin, cooling them to a temperature that causes them to die off. The inactive cells are the disposed of by the body as natural waste. Fat cells on areas like tummy, thighs, or arms can be crystallized. Being a Body contouring and shaping program Cool Sculpting procedure sucks your skin fat like a vacuum using rounded paddles in one of four sizes.

Fat freezing treatment is considered to be the best among various Weight loss & inch loss programs even though the results could vary from person to person. For someone has thick, firm tissue this treatment may not give a wonderful result as it is meant to be for mild improvements. 25 percent of fat in tissue can be shed for this permanent fat reduction technology. In later stages body weight is maintained by nutrition and exercise.

Schedule your session with the best skin specialist in Abu Dhabi for non-invasive  fat freezing treatment Abudhabi . At least for four weeks results may not be visible but by twelve weeks you will experience a smooth and pretty skin.


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Benefits of Fat Freezing treatment

  • Quicker Results- The result of a Fat freezing treatment is much faster than other methods.
  • Workouts- Undergoing strenuous workout is not necessary before going for fat freezing.
  • Dieting- Consume food that you love without following any strict diet.
  • Non-Incisive- Since it is of non-incisive nature it is a safe and efficient process.
  • Low Cost- When compared to other Fat removal and Muscle toning processes the cost of cool sculpting is much less.
  • Injuries- No needles, no risks, no pain.
  • Targeted Process- The body parts which are ineffective even after following strict exercise and diet are targeted for the fat freezing treatment.
  • Downtime- Can return back to normal everyday activities as there is no anesthesia and no downtime.

In AECMC we uses fat freezing treatment for Fat removal and Muscle toning mainly for Belly fat, Inner and outer thighs, Flabby arms, Back fat and Loose chin. Our session lasts for 60 minutes which will completely be non-invasive and painless. A mild pulling sensation may be felt during the first 10 minutes of the treatment which is ignorable.

Is fat freezing safe?

In complex Body contouring and shaping programs like liposuction irregularities can occur during the treatment. Since Cool Sculpting is a noninvasive procedure risks involved are very less and the machine leaves no room for human error. There will be no wounds and swelling will be minimal. Fat freezing treatment is a simple and safe procedure actually. It is an alternative to various surgical procedures that are currently available in the market. It is more convenient for people with busy schedules as it doesn’t require any recovery time. Some complications like bruising, skin redness, may occur according to the sensitivity of patient’s skin.

If you are in search for the best body slimming treatments in Abu Dhabi, opt our Cosmetic Medical Center-AECMC. We offers you a list of scientific and long-lasting Weight loss & inch loss programs that is beneficial for you. You can Contact us at any time for more queries.

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