Revlite laser treatment Abu Dhabi finds active demand due to effective results!

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Skin is the most sensitive tissue of human body and performs more functions than we simply think. The most important function is to act as a buffer against entire range of pathogens, toxins and polluting agents that keep floating in the environment we live in! Thus it is sort of protective cover for the human body.


However, with the increased pollution and harsher sunlight including the UV rays hitting us on day to day basis; our skin gets easily affected and loses health. This coupled with lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition fooding, contaminated water, disease & medications and above all, stress further eats up skin health and vitality. As a result, large numbers of people around the world suffer from skin problems like blemishes, dark spots and early signs of aging in the form of wrinkles and dullness! We get much concerned when these begin to distort our personality by affecting our face in particular! AESMC that offers skin whitening treatment in Abu Dhabi specializes in Revlite therapies to deliver the best results. Its Revlite laser treatment Abu Dhabi clinic serves satisfactorily to thousands of seekers every year who come to get desired results in various conditions. Fine lines & wrinkles reduction, skin tone corrections, dermal rejuvenation and tattoo removal can be had safely through Revlite.


What is Revlite?


Revlite laser treatment is the new age concept that is purely scientific and works generically to correct the skin issues like those stated above. As the name suggests, it is a laser therapy and uses the powerful pulses of photons at the skin to make it white and bright. The definitive aspect of Revlite is that it also equally relies on the sound waves to optimize the results. Photo acoustic energy works at the core of Revlite technology that has gained instant popularity recently. Leading clinics offering skin whitening treatment in Abu Dhabi have therefore found heavy requisitioning from around the world & people reach there for the effective results of de-pigmentation, dark spots removal, de-tanning and liver marks reduction among others. AESMC is the leading Revlite laser treatment Abu Dhabi clinic that has complete infrastructure to offer the best results. This clinic is run by the well qualified and trained practitioners specializing in the dermal sciences of medical value.


How Revlite works?


Revlite technique uses the twin power of laser and sound waves that reach into the dermal layers to affect the pigmentation agent, chiefly the melanin that is a natural product of the body produced in response to various factors such as sun exposure among others. Melanin is produced in the skin cells and is directly responsible for the fairness and skin tone in any person. However, in some people, melanin aggregates due to malfunctioning mechanisms and causes the occurrence of blemishes, dark spots, liver marks or a general darker tone on the face and other body parts. These are highly undesirable because the beauty and personality are hindered a lot! Revlite relies on the photo laser pulses coupled with the acoustic waves to create specific frequency that is capable to break down the melanin pigment in situ. Then after, the broken down melanin is carried away from the skin cells through the natural mechanisms of body. In this manner, the dark spots and tanning effects are removed. AESMC offers the frontline Revlite laser treatment Abu Dhabi and carries worthy experience to treat the problems effectively.


The benefits of Revlite therapy –

The benefits of Revlite therapy

Revlite is the modern approach to attempt the difficult skin problems that were till recently hard to weed out. The procedures available in the form of derma-abrasion or botox or such others were partially effective and also cause side effects for the takers. Revlite scores above all these therapies of yester years and boasts of many benefits that include the following –

  • It being a non invasive technique leaves no scars at all!
  • No anesthesia is required to be administered to the patient and it is totally an outpatient technique
  • No pain is produced during the process
  • Results are instant! AESMC is offering Revlite based skin whitening treatment in Abu Dhabi and dark spots & blemishes are visibly reduced!
  • Gradual pronouncement of the results is also achieved within a period of two months


Leading Revilite laser treatment Abu Dhabi clinics are actively using this technique for activating the collagen fibers in the dermal layer to offer skin toning; while tattoo removal is also effectively done through this process.


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