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Scars Removal Treatment

What factors contribute to the formation of Acne?

Heredity is an important determinant of acne. However, recently, the older segment of the population has also been experiencing acne owing to lifestyle factors such as diet, sleep patterns and stress. Acne is formed by the complex interaction of changing hormones, sebum and bacteria. Your skin’s sebaceous/oil producing glands work to keep your skin healthy. When oil and dead skin cells fill up your skin pores, bacteria flourish, causing acne breakouts. Your immune system reacts to this in the form of pus, redness, itching and pain.

Where does Acne mostly occur?

The most common area prone to acne is your face. The other areas susceptible to acne are your arms, chest, neck, and back.

What causes Acne Scars?

Pigmentation and scars aggravate the problems caused by acne. The dark spots left behind after your acne is gone are caused by an increase in pigment production under your skin. Permanent scarring due to acne may cause a blur on your complexion. A holistic approach is effective in the treatment and prevention of acne. If your skin heals properly, pigmentation and scarring can be minimized.

How can you reduce the occurrence of Acne?

You can prevent acne to a certain extent by avoiding of factors that trigger it such as heavy creams and other cosmetic products, tight clothing, long hair and retained sweat and moisture under hats and helmets.

Avoidance of dairy foods and following a low glycemic index diet also helps.

What are the research goals for Acne treatment at AECMC?

At AECMC, your Dermatology Clinic in Abu Dhabi, new treatment models are evaluated in research trials for acne on a continual basis. Objectives include:

1. Instant removal of acne.

2. Prevention of spreading of acne.

3. Non-invasive methods of treatment of acne.

4. Minimize the risk of appearance of acne scars.

5. Develop new methods for reviewing the severity of acne.

6. Formulate a new photo scale for measuring the severity of acne.

7. Develop new measures for evaluating scarring due to acne.

8. Come up with silicone facial models for teaching acne evaluations.

What is the objective of Laser Treatment for Acne and Acne Scars?

Acne Treatment Abu Dhabi

Laser offers an effective non-invasive method for acne and acne Scars Removal Treatment. A controlled laser beam producing an intense monochromatic light is targeted on your acne and acne scars. As a result, your deformed skin is removed ‘layer by layer’. Production of collagen is stimulated. The healing is complete with the new skin cells growing from beneath. All your dead skin is removed and your skin tightens and becomes clearer. This minimizes the appearance of scars.

Please refer the link below to learn more about acne and how to deal with it:

How could you benefit from Laser treatment?

Lasers offer the most advanced procedures for addressing acne and Scars Removal Treatment.

At AECMC, laser treatment is completely safe performed as it is by certified dermatologists at our fully equipped ultra-modern facility. Different options of laser treatments are available at AECMC for acne scar removal. Your dermatologist will determine the best treatment method after an in-depth analysis of your skin type, severity of scar, root cause of acne, etc.

• Scars Removal Treatment procedures are quick and almost painless.

• Laser Acne Treatment Abu Dhabi is effective for all skin types.

• You will see positive results almost a week after your treatment. However, it may take almost a year for your skin to heal completely.

• Compared to surgical methods, laser Acne Treatment Abu Dhabi treatments require very little post-care.

• Compared to dermabrasion, laser treatments are less prone to infections or wounds.

• Laser treatment methods enhance the overall appearance of your skin. They remove your damaged skin cells, layer by layer, stimulate new collagen production and firm up the internal layers of your skin.

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