Mesotherapy: A Simple Way to Diminish Excess Body Fat

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Only a healthy body is home to a healthy mind; it’s a known fact. It is absolutely a personal choice whether to keep one’s body either skinny or chubby. But at the end of the day it’s all about health, isn’t it? And no one can deny those moments in life when you wished to have a thinner body. And having an enticing body wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it? Getting depressed and ashamed over obesity issues is a tale for the past now. It’s time to get rid of all those ineffective home remedies and bitter “miraculous” potions for weight loss and change your perceptions on your body by letting Adam & Eve, the prominent cosmetic treatment centre that provides the best Mesotherapy in Abu Dhabi, bring that breath-taking and confident diva out of you.

Mesotherapy is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment that is non-invasive and non-surgical to refresh and rejuvenate body cells and skin. The term mesotherapy is of Greek origin, derived from mesos (middle) and therapia (to treat medically).


When subjected to the treatment of Mesotherapy in Abu Dhabi from Adam & Eve cosmetic medical center, your excessive body fat or cellulite from beneath the skin gets dissolved. This treatment can also be used in hair rejuvenation and facial sagging. Another purview is its anti-aging calibre. It cures the problematic spots on ageing skin by launching small quantities of amino acids, vitamins and anti-ageing factors into the middle layer of the skin – mesoderm, resulting in a glowing skin after the first two sessions.

The Treatment Method

mesotherapy treatment in Abu Dhabi

Our expert dermatologists at skin care clinic in Abu Dhabi injects small doses of a mixture of drugs, medicinal supplements and vitamins underneath the mesodermal layer of the skin resulting in the burning of excessive fat or adipose layers and bring a much healthy and tough skin and body.


When speaking of the advantages of mesotherapy, its comparison with liposuction, another means to reduce excess fat, becomes relevant. Adam & Eve’s sessions of Mesotherapy in Abu Dhabi are completely beneficial when compared to liposuction treatments because of its less expense and side effects. When liposuction costs people a fortune, mesotherapy only takes one tenth of its amount. Contrary to liposuction, mesotherapy causes no severe side effects like nausea, rashes, skin discolouration, infection, and scars etc. which were reported as the side effects in other clinics. There are no incisions and surgeries involved in the procedure of mesotherapy. Unlike brisk exercises and weight lifting routines, mesotherapy doesn’t lose the weight of the entire body altogether. You can decide the part of the body where you feel heavy and we at Adam& Eve, the best providers of the treatment of Mesotherapy in Abu Dhabi will help you trim it down. Even though mesotherapy takes more time to show results than liposuction, it surpasses other weight losing remedies like exercise, yoga, and low-carb diet plans. We recommend mesotherapy on those who want to lose a little weight on some specific parts of the body, as it is proven that they are the most likely candidates, if went on with the treatment could have effective and considerable difference soon.

Why Adam & Eve Cosmetic Laser Center Abu Dhabi?

Cosmetic Laser Center Abu Dhabi

As the most efficient skin care clinic in Abudhabi we treat you better at your convenience, assured safety and reliability, and promise you the best, accurate results at an effective timings. These days, skin treatment centres and cosmetic clinics boom and spread all over the world rapidly like mushrooms, Adam & Eve stands out by meeting the international standards of facilities and medical care. We are employed by varieties of doctors like dermatologists, dentists, cosmetologists and medical aestheticians who are highly qualified and experienced to meet with the cosmetic problems of our patients. We enable platform for all those who seeks to have better reflections of themselves when confronting a mirror. We aim to envision a world without skin imperfection and obesity issues. We are undoubtedly the most trusted and revolutionary skin care clinic in Abu Dhabi that delivers remedies for all kinds of skin, cosmetic and bodily problems. We make sure that each of our customers, satisfactorily leaves the exit with a beautiful smile on her face and a newly acquired confidence on her gait and her head held high with full of hopes to seize the day with her charisma.

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