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Laser Hair Removal can be used to treat your arms, legs, knees, feet, face, back, bikini area – basically, any body part where unwanted hair growth occurs.  The procedure is safe, gentle, effective and leaves the skin feeling smooth and hair-free.

The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the treated area and the results vary from the person’s physical characteristics such as skin tone and hair color.


How do laser hair removal treatments work?

Laser energy produced by a high concentrated light is absorbed by the hair follicle, which prompts it to heat up and cause the destruction of cells that promote hair growth. After a number of sessions, the follicles will stop hair production.   

Efficacy of laser hair removal

Results are highly visible after one treatment. However, one treatment is not enough — 4-6 sessions are required to see an 80% reduction of hair strands. Patients can stay hair-free for several years and a regular touch up of one to four times a year is needed for lasting results. 

AECMC provides the best laser hair removal Abu Dhabi has to offer. With the expertise of our dermatologists and skin specialists, expect your skin to be softer and smoother than ever.



On average, 8 treatments with 6 weeks intervals is recommended. However, the results depend on the patient’s age, hair, skin tone, and the like.

The laser energy absorbed by the follicles will prevent them from producing hairs in the future.

Based on customers’ reviews, they only felt prickling sensations during their treatments but it wasn’t painful at all.

Laser hair removal shows poor results in people with light, fine hair.