HIJAMA – A Prophetic Treatment

Cupping therapy was brought to the spotlight years ago by athletes and celebrities alike after their pictures with circular discolorations on different parts of their bodies circulated the internet and instantly became the talk of the town. There is no other way as to how they got those red-tinged circles on their back, legs, chest, etc. but cupping therapy (their pictures on social media with glass cups on their backs are sure signs).

Even though the treatment became a trending topic in the past years, cupping therapy’s early stages stretch back to 3,300 B.C. Also known in the Middle East as Hijama, it was used by Prophet Muhammad to treat his body pains and reinvigorate his well-being. He even recommended this treatment to his nation because of the wonders that it can give to one’s body.


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Procedure of Dry Cupping

  • During the cupping therapy or Hijama, the therapist will place glass or plastic cups on the patient’s skin and leave them on for about 10 minutes as the cups create suction.
  • The traditional practice involves igniting a flammable substance (e.g. herbs and alcohol) inside each cup.
  • As the fire goes out, the cup is placed upside down on the patient’s skin which then generates a vacuum.
  • On the other hand, the modern version of Hijama uses plastic pumps to create a similar effect

Types of Cupping:

  • Dry Cupping – Cups are placed on various parts of the body to create suction.
  • Dry massage Cupping – Similar to dry cupping but oil is applied on the skin before the cups are placed. This allows the cups to be easily maneuvered.
  • Wet Cupping – Small incisions are made on the sections of the skin where the cups will be placed, drawing small quantities of blood

The suction that each cup creates causes the circular discolorations visible on the body after the treatment.

Hijama in Abudhabi
Cupping Therapy in Abu dhabi

Areas of Cupping

Based on the narratives of Prophet Muhammad, Hijama can be performed on any part of the body provided that the correct steps of the treatment are observed.He was treated with Hijama on the side and base of his neck, head, hip, and top of the foot, which successfully relieved pain in each area.The area of the body where cupping will be performed depends on the ailments that a patient has.A cupping therapy on the lower chest can help in treating scabies, sores, mange, hemorrhoids, elephantiasis, gout, etc..Hijama is usually done along the back and shoulders, and hamstrings, calves, and forearms if necessary.

Best Days for Hijama

According to Prophet Muhammad, the 17th, 19th, and 21st of the Islamic month that coincide with Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday are the optimal days for Hijama if there are no medical concerns that need immediate attention. Otherwise, you can have your Hijama session anytime depending on the urgency of your needs.

Benefits of Hijama

Cupping therapy is most commonly used to get rid of muscle pains, but other ailments also have positive responses to the treatment. Hijama can also help in relieving the following.


Hijama for Arthritis

Bronchial Congestions

Hijama for Bronchial Congestions

Depression and anxiety

Hijama for Depression And Anxiety

Eczema and Acne

Hijama for Eczema And Acne


Hijama for Fibromyalgia

Gynecological disorders

Hijama for Gynecological Disorders

High blood pressure

Hijama for High Blood Pressure


Hijama for Migraines

Digestive Problems

Hijama for Digestive Problems

Muscle & Joint Pains


Varicose Veins


Lung Diseases

Hijama for Lung Diseases
Mr. Medhat Hegazi, Hijama Therapist


AECMC has opened its Hijama department in our center in Abu Dhabi spearheaded by Mr. Medhat Hegazi, a licensed Hijama Therapist. Our Hijama center is backed by highly-experienced male and female therapists that are well-equipped to treat our clients.

  • He has more than 10 years of experience in UAE
  • Possesses strong clinical skills in Islamic Hijama and Chinese Cupping Therapy
  • Well-experienced in using the meridian system in improving energy channels in your body, preventing sickness, and treating body tiredness and fatigue.
  • Has a proven track record of achieving great results in treating body pains, sciatica, stress, muscle spasms, and more.
  • Has expertise in formulating management plans for diabetes mellitus, hypertension, migraine, hormonal disturbances, etc.

Visit us at Villa NO: 209, Al Karamah Street,  Abu Dhabi, UAE. You can also book an appointment by calling us at 02 621 9996.