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 What is HIFU?

‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasound’ also known as ‘Ultrasound Facelift’, ‘Ultra therapy’ or ‘3D Skin Medication’, is an ideal face and neck rejuvenation therapy that offers instant results. A non-invasive beauty treatment without any cuts to the skin, HIFU stimulates the natural production of collagen-the main structural protein ingredient of the skin. The results are visible immediately and there is no recovery time. Call our cosmetic center at Abu Dhabi today to know more.

What is HIFU?

Why should I think of a HIFU therapy?

After HIFU, you will experience a significant enhancement of your skin elasticity and facial contouring. HIFU is the perfect option for those who want to play it safe and are not willing to have a cosmetic surgery.  It is also an option for those who seek to prolong the effects of a previous cosmetic surgery. So you actually reap the benefits of a surgical facelift without undergoing surgery.  It has proven to be 100% safe and is increasingly becoming the preferred treatment for men and won, young and old, all over the world.


What is the HIFU procedure?

HIFU is a non-surgical process of cosmetic skin treatment that makes use of ultrasound to lift and tighten the skin and is effective for both men and women.HIFU targets the deep foundational layer of the skin tissue without cutting or disturbing the surface. During the procedure, the skin epidermis is bypassed. The appropriate degree of heat is applied to small targeted areas of soft tissue below the skin surface to an extent where the tissue contracts and the body begins the process of natural collagen production. By skillfully applying the right amount of heat to the right depths of skin tissue, a significant skin revival effect is accomplished without any injury or discomfort. Instead, you feel a warm sensation below the surface of the skin, like a tingling. This is caused by the small amounts of concentrated ultrasound heat. If at times, the feeling is intense, it is a good indicator that the collagen creation process has been set to action. The tingling sensation experienced varies from person to person and from region to region on the face and neck. Certain areas such as the bony ones are relatively more sensitive.


How will I feel after the HIFU treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, you may experience tenderness which is absolutely normal.  A slight numbing sensation or sensitivity to touch is also natural and may last up to 48 hours. Your skin will feel normal in three days. The treated area may appear slightly red or flushed. It is advisable to avoid exposure to the sun and vigorous exercise for one or two days after the treatment.

How will I feel after the HIFU Treatment


How often is HIFU advisable?

We recommend this convenient and advanced skin renewal cosmetic treatment at least once a year to keep up the youthful look and maintain a healthy skin.


What benefits can I expect and for how long?

While immediate results are visible after a single treatment in terms of a fresh, glowing look, the actual effect begins to show in two or three months, the time taken for the skin to effectively produce new collagen which lifts and tightens the skin on the face and neck. The effects of a single face or neck lifting session could last up to nine months. This in turn depends on various factors such as your age, overall general health, diet and lifestyle. It also depends upon the quantity of pre-existing collagen there is to build on when having a treatment for the first time. Call the cosmetic wing of AESMC, Abu Dhabi, for special offers.





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