Gentle Laser Hair Removal Treatments For Your Smooth Skin

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Shaving and waxing creams has consumed enough time and money so far. For a smooth and glowing skin investing on lasers seems to be a better option as it is permanent and painless. Laser treatment for hair removal are more effective, convenient and long-lasting with minimal side effects.  The technology and number of sessions required for laser hair removal depends on the patient’s skin type, skin color, type of hair and hair color.  AECMC one of the top Cosmetic clinic in Abu Dhabi provide the most advanced and modern laser hair removal laser technology for our client’s individual skin. Depending on the wavelength and penetration of the device various laser platforms are used. Here in AECMC, Laser hair removal treatments are done with two prominent and latest laser technology Gentle Max Pro Laser and Diode laser. We always serve our guests the best.


Gentle Max Pro Laser

AECMC is equipped with latest award-winning multi-wavelength system, GentleMax Pro.  Most of the aesthetic concerns of the patients including Facial hair removal are addressed by us. All those problems like removal of unwanted hair, hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation and rosacea which affects you is treated with GentleMax Pro. An important aspect of this type of laser is that all types of skin accepts the beam and there is less side effect as compared to other lasers. Gentle Max Pro Laser is a blend of 755 nm Alexandrite used for lighter skin and 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser for darker skin. Since it comes with a two-wavelength system it has a highest performance level.

Working of a Gentle Max Pro Laser

A high-energy pulse is delivered by the multi-wavelength Gentle Max Pro Laser removing hair follicles without affecting the skin. It keeps the patient comfortable throughout the procedure. Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) of the GentleMax Pro cools the epidermal skin before and after the delivery of the laser by spraying the upper layers with a cooling burst of cryogen.


A GentleMax Pro can be used for a variety of skin issues including:

  • Facial Hair removal
  • Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB)
  • Eliminating epidermal pigmentations and vascular anomalies
  • To remove age spots and freckles
  • facial and leg veins removal

Diode laser

Almost all cosmetic clinics uses Diode lasers for their Laser treatment for hair removal. A diode laser is based on semiconductor technology. The penetration level of this type of laser is the deepest when compared to other lasers offering a high rate of melanin absorption. It is considered as the most suitable technology for Facial hair removal as it is effective for all skin and hair types. It produces a coherent projection of light that lies between visible to infrared range. The light beam produced targets the specific chromophores in the skin without causing much trouble to the surrounding tissues.


Working of a Diode Laser

Principle of selective photothermolysis is used by a diode laser to damage the chromophores in the skin. Hair growth and regeneration is prevented by targeting and damaging the melanin in the hair follicles. In diode laser, small diodes produce light and it is the most suited one for darker skin tones since it has a longer wavelength when compared to other lasers. An advantage of diode laser is that it will not burn darker skin while targeting hair follicles. So on all skin color types diode lasers could be used. Because of its high success rate, diode laser is used widely for removal of unwanted hair from any part of the body.


A Diode Laser can be used for a variety of skin issues including:

  • Haemangioma
  • Rosacea
  • Skin tightening and wrinkle reduction
  • Removal of Sun Spots and Benign Keratoses

Above mentioned are some of the latest innovative laser techniques used for safe hair removal. If you are searching for the Best skin doctors in Abudhabi to address your hair problems then AECMC is the right choice for you. Our experienced technicians and doctors offers the best laser hair removal treatments which are 100% safe and effective. Don’t be reluctant to contact us for any queries.

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