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Skin Tags are soft harmless lesions tend to form along the neckline, under the arms, beneath the breasts, on and above the eyelids and even in the genital area. They appear to hang off the skin and can cause pain and redness at times. Skin tag removal is a real annoying problem for many and they use treatments like natural healing oils and freezing skin tags as a solution. Even though they are developed in older people, in obese persons and in those with type 2 diabetes mellitus they are seen more. Skin tags are also described as Acrochordons, Papillomas, Fibroepithelial polyps, Soft fibromas, Pedunculated and Filiform. They are skin colored or darker, developed in both men and women in size from 1mm to 5cm.

Factors for the growth of Skin Tags are:

  • Chaffing and irritation from skin rubbing together
  • High levels of growth factors, particularly during pregnancy or in acromegaly (gigantism)
  • Insulin resistance (syndrome X)
  • Human papilloma virus (wart virus)

cryotherapy treatment abudhabi

Skin tags are harmless but can become irritating or even painful because of their position. Only a skilled medical professional in a Cosmetic Clinic Abu Dhabi can remove these by different methods including surgical incisions. An effective method of removing Skin tag is doing a Cryotherapy


It is actually a cold therapy technique where the body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. Cryotherapy stimulate the immune system and boost the health of your surrounding skin cells. It is a simple, cost-effective, efficacious and esthetically acceptable treatment. For a wide variety of skin conditions like benign tumors, acne, pigmented lesions, viral infections, inflammatory dermatoses, infectious disorders and various pre-malignant and malignant tumors, Cryotherapy Treatmentcan be carried out.

Cryotherapy Treatment process

Cryotherapy is an effective technique for removing skin growths such as skin tags and warts. It is an easy, comfortable and less time process. Your warts, skin tags or other lesions will fall off within one to two weeks after the treatment.

During a skin tag removal cryotherapy treatment a liquid nitrogen is applied to the skin tag using a special spray gun. Sometimes you may feel some discomfort for a few seconds but it does not last for long. The frozen skin will turn white for one or two minutes before attaining normal skin temperature. The process needs to be repeated depending on the size and thickness of the lesion

Benefits of Cryotherapy

  • Reduces migraine symptoms
  • Numbs nerve irritation
  • Helps treat mood disorders
  • Reduces arthritic pain
  • May help treat low-risk tumors
  • May help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Treats atopic dermatitis and other skin conditions


Advantages of using Cryotherapy treatment for skin tags

  • A safe treatment to freeze off unsightly skin tags, warts & other skin lesions
  • A treatment unique to you in a medically-led clinic
  • A detailed consultation so you can make an informed decision
  • Low risks of side effects
  • Minimal recovery time


Results of Cryotherapy treatment

AECMC Cosmetic clinic Abu Dhabi provide the best Cryotherapy Treatment for your skin tag problem. After the treatment a scab will form over your skin lesion. It will take around one to two weeks to fall off for your skin will look normal. If the lesion is on your leg then it can take more time. Follow-up treatments at regular intervals are recommended for a more effective result.


skin tag removal treatments

Risks and side effects

  • Temporary tingling, redness, and irritation of the skin
  • Not recommended for diabetic patients
  • Some swelling and redness at the treatment site
  • The treated area may also ooze a little watery fluid
  • Sometimes blistering occurs
  • In rare cases, infection can occur and may need antibiotics
  • May experience scarring and pigmentation changes


Precautions when using Cryotherapy

  • Consult your doctor before you decide for a cryotherapy
  • Corners of eyes, fold of skin between nose and lip, skin surrounding nostrils and skin overlying nerves, below the knee are not recommended
  • Review by a medical practitioner if a previously treated lesion re-appear
  • Recurrent skin cancers after cryotherapy may be more difficult to treat
  • Exercise care in patients with history of slow healing or skin infection
  • Prolonged freezing may result in scarring
  • Leaves permanent white marks which may be very unsightly, especially in dark skinned patients
  • May sometimes cause nerve damage and on-going pain in some danger areas

After Treatment

Immediately after the treatment your skin will look normal but over the next few days, swelling, reddening and sometimes blistering will occur. Treat the area dry for up to one week. Sometimes you may require a simple, clean, dry, non-sticky dressing. Most patients who undergo the Cryotherapy Treatment in our clinic are able to get back to their regular activities faster. You may need to apply Vaseline or a sunscreen to protect the treated area. After a bath the scabs should be patted dry with a soft towel or tissue. Do not pick at any scabs to reduce the risk of scarring. Wear a plaster to protect your skin lesion scab if it keeps getting knocked or rubbed by clothing. In darker skins, there is usually an area of de-pigmentation following treatment which normally recovers over the following year.

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