Find Out The Different Facial Hair Removal Techniques That Are On Demand!

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Cosmetic services has got into an advanced theme, in which hair removal has received a swift popularity in the society. Women, in particular, have emerged to be the customers for the hair removal services that have gone beyond the simple creams of domestic use. These days, the demand for laser hair removal is high because of the various benefits this technique offers. The most notable aspect of laser-driven hair removal is the non-recurring nature and one can get rid of the unwanted hairs forever. Laser hair removal treatment is performed as a dedicated procedure by the trained cosmetologists in the special clinics. The process involves a time frame with several cycles that are performed successively towards achieving the best results. Adam & Eve cosmetic medical centre offers the best laser hair removal in Abu Dhabi and has developed trust through its professional services.

What is laser hair removal?


Laser hair removal is the process that involves the use of laser beam which is focused on the hair follicles that lies in the roots of the hair. The laser is delivered as pulses at short intervals and the energy contained in them causes the follicles to die. Thus, it is no more capable of growing new hair and hairless skin is achieved. This technique has been in use at professional hair removal centres around the world and has shown high efficacy. Best laser hair removal Abu Dhabi services at top clinics have found clients from around the world!

Laser hair removal scores better than other methods!


The seekers have felt satisfaction through the laser process that is proven safe, effective and durable. These benefits, make it the preferred choice over other temporary options that are available, such as ‘over the counter’ hair removal creams. While these creams can be used by self as a domestic option, the results are poor and the hairs return just after a few days. Razors are also available in the market but these show the same problems as the creams does and women generally want to avoid them because of the inconvenience and safety issues. Laser hair removal scores the best over all the other options and therefore has been gaining demand year on year. Facial hair removal clinic Abu Dhabi Adam & Eve has been serving its clients satisfactorily for years!

 Laser hair removal – well tested and safe


Laser hair removal has been allowed as a safer technique by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and in other nations. The treatment was itself in the testing phase for not less than a twenty years before getting commercially available in the professional cosmetic clinics around 1994-95. Since then, it has been utilized for more than two decades of successfully practicing by the cosmetologists and the seekers have felt high satisfaction with it.

The frontline hair removal techniques of age:

The high demand for laser hair removal has led to the advancements in this niche of cosmetic services. Leading, cosmetic centres like Adam & Eve have got the equipped permissions for operating this technique in their place, frontline infrastructure to ensure best results for its clients.

Here are the top procedures and technologies that are being used for the body and facial hair removal clinic Abu Dhabi. Have a look:

  • GentleMax Pro

GentleMax Pro is now counted among the top standards of laser-assisted hair removal procedures. It is a powerful dual wavelength platform that delivers concentrated pulses of lasers towards ensuring a highly effective results. This platform offers 755 nm Alexandrite laser along with 1064 nm ND YAG laser. However, experienced and well-qualified professionals are required for delivering the laser treatment as the process warrants sophistication. Leading facial hair removal clinic Abu Dhabi Adam & Eve relies on GentleMax Pro for offering high-quality hair removal treatments to its clients.

  • Cynosure Elite+

Cynosure Elite+ is also a high powered dual wavelength platform using the Alexandrite 755 nm and ND YAG 1064 nm lasers. However, the efficacy of the result is higher because of the larger spot size that can be attempted through it. Elite+ also allows the cosmetologist to customize the intensity of the laser as per the applicative demands. This technology is best suitable for the facial hair removal. Cynosure Elite+ has found maximum demand at the facial hair removal clinics in Abu Dhabi.

  • Diode laser

Diode laser technique makes use of a single wavelength laser and the high energy delivered to the skin causes the melanin to heat up and thus destroy the follicles. Crystal freeze cooling is also accompanied to protect the skin surface and avoid discomfort to the seeker.

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