Exposure to sun and spicy foods can be harmful to your skin!

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Sun’s energy has been considered vital for the perpetuity of life on planet Earth. Even the spiritual chronicles from the oldest times speak of the significance of sun’s energy. Without denying from these undisputed facts, we need to accept another reality that explains how harsh rays of sun have started to affect our life and living and health in particular. This can be attributed to the depleting quality of atmosphere that now allows more of harmful UV rays to reach the earth surface. Experts therefore caution against excess exposure to sun rays as it has been found related to the development of skin conditions including the onset of cancer. Leading skin care Abu Dhabi clinic led by Ms. Swantje Bremer Aesthetic Practitioner and other specialists offers counseling towards proper care of skin and counts over consumption of spicy foods on daily basis as a risk factor for the skin problems of diversity including rosacea. The clinic also offers warts removal treatment that is safe and effective.

Skin The sensitive barrier!

Skin Care Abu Dhabi

Skin is the largest organ of human body and plays important role as a first line buffer against all types of pathogens and unwarranted agents present in environment. But this also means that skin will be affected at the earliest thus making it much sensitive. The skin therefore reacts to any pathogen that tries to invade it and cause harm to body as a whole. Warts are manifestations of such reaction and these resemble as rough skin outgrowth as a patch that also contains blood vessels.

Specialized treatments to get rid of warts

While sun’s rays have got more potent and we are experiencing its harsher implications in diverse forms, other environmental agents like air, water etc have also got contaminated. Apart from the inorganic pollutants, many of which are even carcinogenic, the pathogenic load has increased too. Thus there is greater need to consider ambient hygiene while also keeping oneself safe from infections of contagious types. Conditions like warts have got resistant towards the drug lines that are being made more targeted against specific strains. While HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) has been found to exist very commonly and most of us even come in contact with it, the ability to resist the same differs in people. Those with strengthened immune system can ward off the HPV easily even after coming in contact with it frequently in day to day life. However, various warts removal treatment options are now available at the top clinics around the world.

AECMC, the trusted skin care Abu Dhabi clinic specializes in different therapies to clear the warts that do not go away by themselves. Cryotherapy, candida antigen shots, immunotherapy are some of the frontline treatments that are now available for the warts. These warts removal treatment options are safe and performed by the specialized techniques which deliver sure results without any complications.

Diets and skin health – The correlation

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Ms. Swantje Bremer Aesthetic Practitioner has been counseling her patients in Dubai and Middle East on the best fooding habits also with the aim of better skin health. Spicy foods are considered irritants for the health in general and skin in particular. Various organic ingredients that are naturally present in spicy foods develop imbalances in the digestive system that starts accumulating excess of acid and heat. From here, the skin problems start and the most common symptoms include burning sensation, acne & blemishes, under eye dark circles and others. Pre mature aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles on face are also linked with the diet patterns of the individual while rosacea that involves red patches, especially on face is aggravated by the spicy foods.

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