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Acne Treatment Abu Dhabi

What is acne and how does it occur?

Near the surface of your skin are located the small sebaceous glands which are attached to your hair follicles. Your sebaceous glands are responsible for lubricating your hair and skin by producing sebum, an oily substance.

During acne breakout, your sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum. This combines with dead skin cells and blocks your hair follicles. Harmless bacteria that live on your skin contaminate your blocked hair follicles causing acne.

What is a Whitehead?

If your blocked hair follicle is close to the surface of your skin, it bulges outwards and a whitehead is formed.

What is a Blackhead?

If your blocked hair follicle opens to your skin, a blackhead is formed.

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What are some of the common triggers for my acne?

1. Your make-up, oil and dirt clog your pores with acne-causing bacteria. Wash your face gently every night after removing makeup.

2. Traveling or a change in weather conditions, humidity and water can cause acne. Your Dermatology Clinic in Abu Dhabi suggests washing your face with bottled water during travel. Avoid hotel soaps as they cause stress to your skin.

3. Combined with other factors, stress can make you vulnerable to acne. Even the desirable ‘eustress’ or ‘good stress’ can cause acne.  Yoga and deep breathing exercises help to calm your nerves and reduce stress.

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4. Your cell phones, laptops and other electronic gadgets are constantly exposed to many surfaces that have bacteria on them. When speaking on your cellphone, the warmth and moisture in your mouth create a favorable environment for bacteria to thrive. Use a hand sanitizer regularly and clean your cellphone with an alcoholic wipe regularly.

5. Excessive dry skin and excessively oily skin make you prone to acne. Dry skin offers miniscule cracks in which bacteria can multiply and cause acne. Dry skin flakes tend to clog pores. Exfoliate your skin gently a few times a week and keep it hydrated with a moisturizer that does not clog your pores.

For more information related to acne and its treatment, please refer the link below:

What are the acne treatment goals at AECMC?

1. Acne Treatment Abu Dhabi at AECMC focuses on immediate treatment for acne. Prolonging treatment causes your acne to worsen and leave permanent scars.

2. We aim to identify the root causes of acne and prevent them. These include checking excess sebum production, exfoliating your skin to prevent clogging of pores and providing anti-inflammatory measures to reduce the severity of acne.

What treatment options are available at AECMC for acne?

Acne Treatment Abu Dhabi

1. Topical treatment such as gels, creams and ointments prescribed by your dermatologist at AECMC-the Dermatology Clinic in Abu Dhabi, helping to cure mild and moderate acne. These medications kill the bacteria and unclog your pores.

2. Chemical Peels prescribed by your dermatologist are acidic solutions that can cure acne by killing bacteria. Your skin is resurfaced by removing the dead and damaged layer of skin cells.

3. Laser Skin Resurfacing is highly effective for all types of skin and acne. Fractionated carbon dioxide laser beams are targeted to the affected area. This resurfaces your skin by destroying the bacteria that causes acne and clearing the pores responsible for your acne. Growth of collagen is promoted and the fresh skin that appears is healthy and smooth.

Acne Treatment Abu Dhabi at AECMC presents versatile treatment options for healthy, glowing skin. Call us now to schedule your appointment.



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