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What is Composite Bonding?

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Composite Bonding is the procedure of applying composite resin material to your existing tooth. It serves as an effective attachment between the filling material and the tooth’s original enamel and dentin. It looks and functions just like your original tooth.
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What is composite bonding used for?

Bonding is used to:

  • Fill cavities.
  • Mask discolored teeth.
  • Whiten teeth.
  • Repair fractures and make cosmetic improvements to your natural tooth.
  • Fix a broken or chipped tooth.
  • Fill the gaps between your teeth

At the Adam and Eve Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi, we use state-of-the-art technology and natural-looking, tooth-colored dental materials for cosmetic dental treatments. As a result, the superior treatment options that we provide are durable and predictable. Our highly qualified team of dentists use conservative techniques to preserve as much of your natural tooth structure as possible, depending upon your specific clinical situation.

Why is bonding a popular dental option?

  • Direct composite bonding is used to recreate a smile in an additive manner with little or no tooth reduction. It is used to improve the aesthetics of your smile.
  • It is less costly and more convenient compared to dental porcelain veneers and dental crowns and lasts long with proper maintenance.
  • It requires less removal of tooth enamel than porcelain veneers.
  • It can be molded and color matched to the adjacent teeth.
  • It provides natural looking results.
  • It is a less permanent solution and can be altered in the future. So it is the perfect transition option until you are ready for a permanent dental veneer.
  • It removes white or brown spots or staining due to excessive wear or silver fillings.
  • It is a minimally invasive option.

At our Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi, we use lasers to perform some procedures necessary for cosmetic treatments in our own offices – without the need for referrals to specialists. We make your treatment sessions comfortable and convenient with minimal recovery time.

What is the material used for dental bonding?

Materials used in dental bonding are high-density modern plastics filter called composite resin and porcelain. It has properties similar to dentin. This combination allows for excellent tooth color replication and reliable adhesion. It imparts a natural look and color and can be designed to perfectly match the surrounding teeth, making it difficult to understand there ever was a broken tooth.

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What is transitional bonding?

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Transitional bonding allows you to transition into more permanent cosmetic dentistry as and when you can afford or as the treatment sequence demands. It also gives your dentist the time to work out any bite-related and aesthetic issues.
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How is Composite Resin Bonding Done?

Your dentist will apply the composite resin to the etched natural tooth to achieve the desired aesthetic effect. You will not normally require anesthesia. Very little natural tooth reduction will be needed.
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How long will the effect of dental bonding last?

Bonded teeth are good for five to eight years or longer. They need professional finishing once every few years.
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What special care is needed to main the dental bonding?

  • Refrain from biting your finger nails.
  • Avoid chewing ice .
  • You may use a night guard to help protect your crowns from fracture, especially if you clench or grind your teeth.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Minimize your consumption of stain-causing food and drink.
  • Visit your dentist for a professional teeth cleaning three or four times a year

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