What You Need to Do Before and After a Fat Reduction Treatment

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Non-surgical fat reduction treatments are procedures perfect for patients who aim to lose fat without having to go under the knife. These treatments are completely safe and free from side effects. In order to maximize the results that these treatments will give you, it is vital to learn these important tips. 

Before the procedure

  • Know if you are an ideal candidate 

You must consult the doctor first in order to learn if your physique and body weight is fit for the treatment. Although non-surgical fat reduction treatments are for everyone, there are limits for some procedures and treatments. Visiting the doctor and letting them assess your body would be extremely helpful. 

  • Know how many treatments you need 

During your consultation with your doctor, discuss with them how many sessions you will need to get desirable results. This treatment can be performed by a nurse or other healthcare providers since it is non-invasive.

  • Make notes about your experience 

Take pictures and write about your progress. The documentation of your weight loss journey can inspire others to choose the same path. Your review must include measurements, photos, and mental health before and after the treatment. Moreover, your weight loss journey is something that should not be forgotten. 

  • Keep pain medications handy

There may be pain in every treatment. Although non-surgical fat reduction treatments are relatively painless, consulting a doctor will help with various recommendations for your current health condition. Before taking any medications, talk to a trusted doctor first. 

  • Make your downtime productive 

Bring a laptop or a book to keep yourself occupied during the procedure. You can also use the time to document your experience as it occurs. An average time per area is 30 minutes and other areas may take longer than that. Be productive during those times. 

  • What to do the day before surgery? 

Drink at least 2 liters of water, do not eat two hours before the treatment, don’t apply any type of lotions two hours before the treatment, wash off lotion on the skin before the treatment, shave every strand of hair near the area and on the target area, do not drinks alcohol or coffee, a day before the treatment.

After the procedure

The very first step of recovery actually occurs before the surgery. So you need to understand how to acquire the absolute most out of recovery and be assured that you will be making progress. Recovery for the majority of patients takes just a few days and with some procedures, it may take longer.

  • Post-treatment massage

After certain procedures, a post-treatment massage is performed. The massage consists of circular motions and vigorous kneeling. This is to help the body to continually breakdown the fat cells. It is estimated that this massage can improve results by 60% or more.

  • Be attentive to your body

Side effects are expected after most procedures. You may experience swelling, itching and some pain. If you are concerned with any of the side effects, contact your doctor. Be aware that side effects can vary in certain areas. The stomach area, for instance, tends to have the most discomfort with pain, tingling and numbness. The back, love handles and thighs have little or no side effects.

  • Document your experience by taking photos

The results will take time so document your progress by taking photos and updating your blog or review. The photos of the targeted areas can give you some idea of your progress. You can also compare the photos as you heal to show before and after results.

  • Wait patiently for the results.

You will see changes in your body as early as two weeks, and full results can be realized in one month to three months. The most visible results will appear after two months. Your body will continue to excrete fat cells for up to three to six months after the procedures.

  • Long-term results will depend on you

Your future behavior will determine how well the procedure works for you. If you follow the guidelines below, your chance of losing weight and staying will improve greatly.

  • Maintain a healthy diet. Avoid fried foods, processed foods and high in sugar and starch content foods.
  • Eat vegetables, protein, whole grains and fruits. Developing a healthy eating habit can help you mentally and physically.
  • Stay active. Regular exercises help the body to heal faster, burn fat, and it allows you to accelerate and enhance your results. If you do not have a regular exercise regimen, you should develop a regimen. If you already have a routine, you should continue it, but try to push yourself to do more if you can.
  • Consider additional treatments. If the first treatment is successful and you do not need a follow-up treatment, you should consider adding a treatment to other areas if possible.

Non-surgical fat reduction in Abu Dhabi 

Adam and Eve Cosmetic Medical Centre provides many non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring treatments. Consult our doctor to know the best type of non-surgical fat reduction treatment for you. 

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