Are you having WRATS? And want to remove them?

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Get your warts removed professionally at an expert clinic!

Most of us are concerned about our looks and try to optimize our personality through all means. While minor problems like acne and blemishes can be got rid of easily, some like warts pose the real challenge. Warts could be really nasty and if present on the face or hands then these are much irritating for the bearer. The bad thing about the warts is that these are a medical condition that is caused by virus in the human papilloma virus (HPV) family.

Is there anyone who likes to carry virus clusters in body and continue with all the daily routine? Definitely none! The skin experts therefore caution for the early removal of the warts and explain that since these contain live colonies of virus, the condition is contagious! It can spread to other parts and even to other persons. Leading clinic offering warts removal treatment Abu Dhabi provides professional treatment through the frontline techniques that are globally recognized. This skin care clinic in Abu Dhabi caters annually large numbers of patients who reach there from around the world.

What are warts and how they are caused?


Warts can manifest on any part of the body as small lesions that are hard and rough. These could as singular or many and are non cancerous. However, these harbor the HPV viruses that continue to feed upon the affected skin cells (the squamous epithelium) and can spread to other parts or persons upon contact. Expert dermatologists offering warts removal treatment Abu Dhabi therefore recommend that one should avoid exchanging towels or such other products with a person who suffers from warts condition.

Doctors at leading skin care clinic in Abu Dhabi also explain that there are some risk factors too that can be counted as the causative agents for warts. HPV may affect the skin of the people who are handling raw meats as part of their routine work on daily basis as they are at greater risk to get affected with this virus. Low performing immune system is also a factor because it cannot fight off successfully the HPV that eventually causes infection. Children who generally have under-developed immunity are therefore more at the risk of developing warts. The website states that one in every three children and teenagers are diagnosed with warts but the condition affects only around 3 – 5 % of the adult population. Immunity is thus a major determinant for occurrence of warts! If you also suffer from warts then it is time to get them removed at an expert clinic. A noted clinic offering warts removal treatment Abu Dhabi uses the best medical protocols to treat the condition.

The medical methods to get rid of warts permanently –

Modern medicine system has developed many successful treatments for warts condition. The most common ones include the use of salicylic acid application topically over the warts. It causes the action on the virus colonies present in the wart thus reducing it gradually. Most people reach out for over the counter salicylic acid gels and creams to treat warts. However to effectively clear the warts, it is imperative that the person should get authentic prescription from the expert who assesses the condition and then offers higher potency topical creams. Leading skin care clinic in Abu Dhabi counsels the patients regarding the precautions while using salicylic acid formulations. These precautions include protecting the healthy skin around the warts by applying petroleum jelly, not using salicylic acid cream on face and covering the wart with bandage like when going into swimming pool!

More effective methods need to be used when the problem has been present for long or has got aggravated. These include the following –


A really successful med approach to remove warts effectively, it uses super freezing liquid Nitrogen as an agent to freeze the wart including the affected skin cells. These cells then die and a blister is formed after which the entire wart falls off! This technique is safe and effective, opines the expert dermatologist at the clinic offering warts removal treatment Abu Dhabi.


Surgical removal makes use of a sharp razor blade to remove the outgrowth. This is performed professionally while local anesthesia may be given to the patient, if the condition warrants.

Candida antigen shots


Through Candida antigen shots, the human immune system is made active enough so that it targets a wart and clears it off gradually through its generic mechanisms.

These clinical procedures have been really effective to remove the warts. If you also want to get rid of your warts then reach out to a specialist for the proper diagnosis and get the best treatment as per your case.


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